Michael Malul Jet Black

Michael Malul Jet Black: 3.4 oz

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 Michael Malul Jet Black made its first appearance in 2019. This warm and spicy fragrance for men by Michal Malul London is bold and straightforward. Its note recipe is basic without being lackluster, and complex without being crowded. Its note makeup does not add things in just for kicks.

Bergamot and lavender occupy the top. Cinnamon, mimosa, and leather serve as the heart. Tobacco, opoponax, oakmoss, and guaiac wood are the trusty and reliable anchor notes. The note pyramid is not top heavy, and not close to having a heart attack either.

This designer knew what was right and what would work. This cologne is versatile enough to be worn year-round, but if one has more than one cologne from which to choose, save this one for the fall and winter.