Jay-Z Gold

Jay Z Gold: 0.5 oz

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Jay-Z is a billionaire, a record producer and professional rapper, married to Beyoncé.

With Jay-Z Gold, one whiff will help you live your fantasy of hanging out with Beyoncé, too! Gold like his countless records and Grammys, his signature fragrance was released in 2013 and falls into the aromatic fougère category.

Fans of YSL's L'Homme will love the fresh spiciness of the notes. Blueberry, cardamom, grapefruit and ginger at the top; lavender, violet leaf, vetiver and pink pepper at the heart; vanilla, teakwood, amber and myrrh round out the bottom. It's rich and smooth, sweet and versatile.

This 0.5oz discontinued spray is a rare find. Buy it now before it runs out!