Moschino I Love Love


 I Love LoveThis fun and enticing fragrance is an Amber Floral entry by Moschino into the world of fragrance. Since its 2006 debut, this Floral Woody Musk perfume for women has held its own (to say the least) in the face of fierce and increasingly large amounts of top fragrance designers that (sometimes) sell only because of their luxury brand label of unheard-of price.  Moschino is no slouch in the world of design , but it is interesting to see that price doesn't always dictate respect and admiration. Moschino is indeed reasonably priced. Grapefruit, Sugar Cane, Bulrush, and cinnamon are just a few of the pliably feminine and casually luxurious notes that yield the various accords that define this Amber Floral success story.