Sean John I Am King

Sean John I Am King: 3.4 oz

Sean John's I Am King is the first fragrance by the house to depart from the Unforgivable line. I Am King leaves behind the dark, sexy type of scent in favour of something more clean and crisp, a classy and professional smell. Top notes of cranberry, tangerine and orange give way to a heart of sea water and cassis. The base is of lemon, cedar, vetiver oakmoss, labdanum and sandalwood. A fresh, light scent all round, with some light woods lurking below. Certainly,Sean Combs is the king of cologne.

Sean John I Am King This bold fragrance for men was released to critical and commercial success in 2008. Years later, this woody aquatic for men still manages to muscle its way onto the shelves of the fragrance market, and do quite well for itself. P. Diddy has quite a bit of swagger and celebrity on which to rely, but in each of his confidently arrogant and boastfully masculine fragrance variants, he took the time to put together a fragrance team that made sense. Cranberry is at the top. Sea water and cassis is at the heart. Find amalfi lemon and French labdanum at the base. These notes, among others, are a deft mix of classic, unique, interesting, masculine, and reliable. Chalk this one up as another win for P. Diddy.... And grab yourself a bottle, and you can start winning too, or keep winning.