Fred Hayman Hollywood Star

Fred Hayman Hollywood Star: 3.4 oz

Hollywood Star by Fred Hayman came out in 2003, fifteen years after the smash-hit original, Hollywood. This perfume is an amber floral for women and it nearly gives you the chance to feel like you are walking down the red carpet. This fragrance consists of rose, mimosa, gardenia, mandarin orange, amber and musk. It is a trip to the land of movie dreams in a bottle. The flacon is dark pink at the bottom, then fades into a dazzling light pink up top. This fun fragrance gives you the opportunity to feel like a Hollywood Star, with its unendingly glamorous and radiant scent. This is a decadent aroma that turns you into the diva that has always been inside you. Let your inner queen out after you spray this scent that is ready for the big screen and the red carpet.