Gucci Guilty Absolute for Women

Gucci Guilty Absolute: 3.0 oz
Guilty Absolute Pour Femme was released as part of the Guilty Collection in 2018. Released a year after the men's edition, this perfume set the strange though welcome precedent of women's Guiltys appearing in the men's bottle and thence being larger (3.0 instead of 2.5). This perfume is classified as a floral chypre and comes in a beautiful hot pink bottle that is absolutely gorgeous. The top notes are blackberry, pink pepper and bergamot. The heart is cypress, rose, woody notes and vetiver. The base notes are patchouli and amber. This is a warm and sexy scent, woody daring and divine. This is an original beauty that will last all day. Become the Gucci woman you've always wanted to be in this fantastic and magnetic perfume.