Givenchy Xeryus

Givenchy Xeryus: 3.4 oz

Givenchy Xeryus, a cologne that was born into the tumultuous, ever-changing and competitive fragrance market, debuted back in 1986. It is classified as an aromatic fougère, and its note recipe speaks to this.

The likes of lavender, jasmine, nutmeg flower, ylang-ylang, cypress, carnation, coriander, cinnamon, balsam fir, leather, cedar and musk are just a selection of the truly powerful notes that make Givenchy's Xeryus a unique treat for the nose.

A complicatedly-built fragrance with a easily-understood theme, Xeryus is not for everybody...but it sure has enough fans to pass the "smell test" with flying colors.

This eau de toilette also got a well-received flanker years later in Xeryus Rouge.