Givenchy Organza

Givenchy Organza: 3.4 oz
Organza by Givenchy was launched in 1997. It is an amber floral, mainly white flowers mixed with earthy woody undertones. The top notes are gardenia, African orange flower, nutmeg, bergamot and green notes. The heart is tuberose, walnut, jasmine, honeysuckle, iris and peony. The base notes are vanilla, guaiac wood, woodsy notes, amber and cedar. This is an exciting, inviting and invigorating fragrance that gives you energy and makes you feel attractive at the same time. "Organza" is a type of fabric, a stiff, sheer silk used to make elegant and often extravagantly colored gowns. A close look at the bottle reveals the saucy hourglass figure of a dress, see-through but only just so. This tantalizing perfume will have passersby turning their heads to make sure their senses do not deceive them.