Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia by, well known and prestigious designer Gucci came out in 2012 as part of the Flora line of perfumes. One of several specific flower-inspired Floras, the idea was to celebrate different sides to the same Gucci woman, as such a femme has many fascinating sides to be admired. The Gardenia has an ultra feminine and refreshing scent that is meant to be the star of this luxurious fragrance. The top notes are pear and red berries. The heart is gorgeous gardenia and frangipani, and the base note is patchouli. Gucci took this lovely flower and paired it with vibrant ingredients to make a perfume that will radiate off your skin or clothes. It has the unique and one-of-a-kind feel for which Gucci's designs are rightly so popular. This is a stylish and sexy addition to the bouquet of flowers that the Flora line has introduced.