Estiara Passion

Estiara Passion: 3.4 oz

Passion by Estiara is a fruity floral fragrance for women. It is in a flacon that starts off dark blue and fades through to purple and ends in pink. This darkly sweet treat definitely keeps up with the Estiara brand in its youthful and playful fragrant theme.

The top notes are caramel, mandarin, plum and strawberry. The heart is lotus, orange blossom, rose and jasmine. The base notes are cedar, musk, sandalwood and tonka.

This is a delightful and hip fragrance that has a ton of fresh fruits and sweet ingredients that make it so full of life. It is a combination of tangy and sugary aromas that make this spray a must-try. This rich, dark, fruity and woody eau de parfum is perfect for those who like longer a strong statement piece.

For a lighter and sweeter perfume, see its sister Blue Bird.