Molecule Escentric 02

Escentric 02: 3.5 oz

Esentric Molecules Molecule 02 The next "Molecule offering," Escentric Molecules released Molecule number 02 in 2008. Two years after the first variant from this company, this is actually and Amber fragrance for Women and Men. Unique but also reliably comforting in places, its note profile is simple and straightforward, yet mysterious, just like the company and the names of its fragrances. Interestingly enough, just like Molecule 01, this fragrance is 100% synthetic. It is centered around ambroxan..  The and only star note. The ambroxan (which is a piece of ambergris) is given room to grow and room to shine as you wear this perfume. Different edges and sides of this one note show themselves at different times, making this yet another truly unique and interesting offering.