Escada Sentiment for Women

Escada Sentiment for Women: 2.5 oz

Sentiment for Women by Escada was launched in 2000. It comes in a clear flacon so you can see the pretty pink perfume inside. This perfume is a delicately sweet and deliciously fruity floral fragrance that is a little more lavish and luscious that other sprays in Escada's collection.

The top contains black currant, red currant, magnolia, iris and mandarin orange. The heart is peach, hyacinth, tuberose and orris root. The base notes include vanilla, heliotrope, Brazilian rosewood, sandalwood and amber.

This fragrance delivers a refreshing, fruity aroma with a combination of attractive floral notes and a hint of a powder. This perfume is great for any season, unlike most of Escada's summertime sprays. This fragrance is a beautiful perfume that still has the lively, fun feel that is Escada's signature. Don't miss out on this lovely, luxurious spray for the modern woman of today.