Dior Eau Sauvage EDP

Eau Sauvage EDP: 3.4 oz

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Eau Sauvage Parfum is the holy grail of Dior fragrance collectors. The long-attended remix of the classic Eau Sauvage, this ingenious elixir was largely forgotten when, two years later, Dior's reboot - Sauvage - was released. The deafening roar of the crowds waving their wallets at counters, clambering for Sauvage, was enough to wash interest in most every other cologne away. Unfortunately, Eau Sauvage Parfum was discontinued, but keen eyes still seek it out. It opens with bergamot, citron and petitgrain; the heart is vetiver, lavender and hedione. Base notes of myrrh and oakmoss tie the whole thing together. Anyone who has smelled it wants more, and those who missed out on it...well, they missed out.