Bond no 9 Dubai Garnet

Bond no 9 Dubai Garnet: 3.3 oz
An excellent floral fragrance for men, women, and everyone in between, Dubai Garnet was released by Bond no 9 in 2016 to great success. Pink pepper, rose, jasmine, blackberry, plum, myrrh and oakmoss are just a selection of the notes that make this exquisitely passionate floral fragrance work - and work well. A passion for nature exudes from this fragrance, as well as an understanding and appreciation for the beauty and excellence that is born of patience and perseverance. Like the beautiful flowers that take often so long to blossom, this fragrance is a slow burn. It takes time for the fragrance in its entirety to reach critical mass, having released note after note over time. Dubai Garnet is a floral winner if there ever was one.