Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Daze

Daisy Love Daze: 1.7 oz

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Daisy Love Daze by Marc Jacobs was launched in 2019 as a limited edition for women. It is in a unique glass flacon, and inside you can see the beautiful nectar with a transparently reddish-pink flower as a cap.

The top note is Apricot. The aromatic heart is Osmanthus; the base note is Amber. These ingredients softly mix together, forming a stunningly dazzling perfume.

This fragrance is meant to give the feeling of true love's beginning: Hypnotizing and full of seemingly endless excitement. This perfume has a scent that you will love day after day since you will have fallen in love with its addictive scent. Love Daze is what Marc Jacobs expected you to be in after giving it a try and it definitely just may do the job. This fragrance will put you in a Love Daze for days... day after day after day after day..........