Creed Viking

Creed Viking: 3.4 oz

Creed Viking is a woody aromatic fragrance for men that debuted in just 2017. Despite being one of the newer fragrances in the House of Creed, this rich and spicy cologne has quickly become a favorite amongst discerning collectors. Of course, the hands, eyes, nose and mind behind this strikingly masculine cologne is none other than Olivier Creed himself.

From top to heart to base, the notes that make up this fragrance are every inch of classy, luxurious, intriguing, and masculine. At the top, notes of pink pepper, spicy mint, bergamot, lemon, absinthe and orange lead the masculine and fragrant charge. At the heart, notes of lavender, Bulgarian rose, clove, allspice, orris root and jasmine abound. Anchoring the whole fragrance include such base notes as vetiver, cedar, white musk and tonka.

Creed Viking will allow you to harness your inner Ragnar Lodbrok, when you need to be fierce, or your inner Hiccup, if you're in a dragon-training mood.