Coach Floral Blush

Coach Floral Blush: 3.0 oz

Yet another home run from classic leather and accessory designer Coach, Floral Blush is a newer fragrance, a flanker to Coach Floral. Released in 2019, it has been in demand and taken up shelf space for all the right reasons since. Unbelievably unique, shamelessly simplistic, and expectantly luxurious, this is elegant perfume for ladies of class who boldly believe that less can in fact be more. The note pyramid speaks to this very idea. Top notes are but a pairing of goji berries and grapefruit. At the heart you can find a simple, elegant note pairing of peony and peach. Look to a smooth, cool coupling of musk and white wood as the two notes that anchor this fragrance with all the class and simplistic elegance a modern lady needs. This blush floral is an instant winner.