Carolina Herrera Classic EDT Woman

Carolina Herrera Classic EDT: 3.4 oz

The original Carolina Herrera eau de parfum is a floral fragrance for women that has truly stood the test of time, which in the world of fragrance, seems to be the toughest test to pass. Since 1988, this complex and feminine floral fragrance has impressed and intrigued women and those stroll past. Wear this on a date, out with friends or smell fancier than any other lady at the office when you don this perfume year-round. It is truly meant to be worn as such - any weather, any time. The complicated note pyramid does nothing if not wholly impress with its laundry list of varied notes. Top notes are apricot, orange blossom, green notes, Brazilian rosewood and bergamot. At the heart, intriguing and surprising notes of Indian tuberose, jasmine, Spanish jasmine, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, narcissus, hyacinth and lily-of-the-valley blow one's hair back. Accounting for the anchor, notes such as civet, musk, oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, vetiver and cedar bring this perfume journey home.

See also the eau de parfum version.