Burberry Classic for Women

Burberry Classic for Women: 3.4 oz

Released in 1995, this eau de parfum was the beginning of Burberry's long line of successful perfumes and colognes. Toward the end of the twentieth century Burberrys struggled to maintain market relevance, releasing one men's and one women's fragrance that largely failed. "Burberrys" was rebranded as "Burberry," and the brand rebooted everything with a focus on quality. They then launched this instant classic that is still in the conversation today. Top notes are peach, apricot, pear, black currant and apple. Middle notes are sandalwood, jasmine and moss. At the base, notes of vanilla, cedar and musk pull it all together. Like Gucci, there was a time where Burberry had almost faded out of fashion but was saved by some visionaries that knew there was still something there, and how lucky we are that they saw this!

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