Hugo Boss The Scent for Women

Hugo Boss The Scent for Women: 3.4 oz

Hugo Boss The Scent for Women Quite bold to name a variant THE Scent, when you are a designer who offers so many that simply ooze excellence and perfection. However, this may be the fragrance to deserve it. This is a floral fruity fragrance that was launched in 2016. It is meant to capture all of the modernity and novelty of today's woman. Intelligent, on-the-move, responsible, and capable, she does not need the frills and trappings of a bygone era. Neither does The Scent For Women, which boasts a grand total of four notes. Simply complex. Brashly subtle. Effortlessly feminine. Put these four notes to work for you, and you will be The woman with The life that makes The world as jealous as The day is long.