Hugo Boss The Scent

Hugo Boss The Scent: 3.4 oz

Ginger and leather are the two notes that lead the charge in this sweet and spicy fragrance combo for men. Hugo Boss offers scents both sophisticated and sporty, and this cologne falls into the former. Released in 2015, this fragrance works best standing alone; the colder months of the year are when one will get the most out of the scent. Whether the wearer dons a suit or a hardhat, this fragrance will bring out the best in him as he strolls past new clients in the office, or the construction site foreman- allowing him the chance to let either know he knows what he is doing and is beyond capable. Bold and straightforward are two words that critics use again and again to describe "The Scent." It truly is THE scent for the man who desires no fuss and no muss in life and leisure.