Bond no 9 Signature

Bond no 9 Signature: 3.4 oz

An exquisite and effortlessly unique unisex fragrance from Bond no 9, its eponymous eau de parfum is an amber floral that first walked the fragrance red carpet in 2009. Bond knows unisex fragrance, and this is a perfect example of that knowledge, bottled in gold for anyone and everyone to see and smell.  Musky, sweet, powdery, woodsy and fruity, this is an amalgamation of all that is intriguing about bodily fragrance. Specific notes like tonka bean, almond, carnation, Asian deer musk, lily-of-the-valley and oud make this fragrance a complex and mysterious masterpiece that wears well on anyone who has the large personality, high hopes or endless interest in the world around them that can carry this complex amber floral with pride and love. An absolute must-have for any serious fragrance-head!