Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow

Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow: 3.4 oz

Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow by JLO Jennifer Lopez is a one of the most interesting and successful female celebrities of our time. She's a singer, she's an actress, she's a model, she's an author. No matter what she sets her mind to, it seems like she handles it, and handles it well. When she decided to release fragrances with her name on them, she did so with the same beauty and feminine vibe as ever. Blue Glow by JLO was released in 2010 as a floral fruity fragrance, and its note profile is much more simplistic than most would guess. It is not lacking in any way, but clean and neat and not dragged down by needless ingredients. From mangosteen to water lily to mahogany, Blue Glow is a hit from JLO.