Paco Rabanne Black XS Eau de Parfum for Women

Paco Rabanne Black XS for Women (2018): 2.7 oz

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Black XS for  PARFUM Whether a cologne for men or a perfume ladies, Paco Rabanne has been casually and coolly churning out masterpiece after masterpiece without skipping a beat. This particularly noteable floral woody musk for ladies made its debut in 2007. Top notes here  are Cranberry, Pink Pepper and Tamarind. At the heart of this floral woody musk are notes of Cacao, Rose and Black Violet. Serving as reliable anchors, classic base notes like Vanilla, Patchouli and Massoia Wood add to the depth and sturdiness of this fragrance. It is warm and spicy, and works best when donned during brisk fall weather.