Elizabeth Arden Sandalwood

Elizabeth Arden Sandalwood: 3.4 oz

Woody, aromatic, fresh, spicy, and so much more, this fragrance for men was crafted and released a long time ago. Elizabeth Arden has been a household name in male and female luxury items for a while now, and this fragrance is a great example of its power and stronghold in the market. Released in 1956, it has continued to sell well, taken seriously by the old school and the new school of fragrance critics, collectors and lovers alike. It is an amber fougère, and its note pyramid is quite the mix indeed. Fragrance genius at its finest, top notes are lavender, clary sage, lemon, bergamot and petitgrain. At the heart, notes include sandalwood, basil, cedar, geranium, vetiver and patchouli. Anchoring the whole mix, notes of oakmoss, opoponax, amber, labdanum, tonka and musk do right by this 1950's standby.