Fred Hayman 273 for Women

Fred Hayman 273 for Women: 2.5 oz

273 by Fred Hayman came out in 1989; a refined floral fragrance for women, it comes in a bright yellow bottle with a red 273 written on it. This fragrance has a strong amber scent to it and is a classic and feminine scent that has been a fan favorite for over thirty years.

The top notes are tuberose, peach, gardenia, plum and jasmine. The heart is apricot, ylang-ylang and orris root. The base notes are spices, sandalwood, amber, vetiver and cedar.

It is a delightful scent that will bring out your adventurous nature and make you want to dance the night away. This is a glamourous fragrance; 273 was the address of the Giorgio Beverly Hills store on Rodeo Drive. Sadly it is closed today, but you can still experience strolling into this haute boutique like a stunning diva by spraying on the 273 scent.