4711: 13.5 oz

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser made its first appearance in 1792. The name translates to Real Cologne Water; it is a seminal perfume, one of only a handful of fragrances permitted to use the epithet "Original Eau de Cologne." Despite its centuries-old fragrance profile, this cologne smells surprisingly modern, competing effortlessly to win the hearts, minds and noses of the cologne-wearing public. Bergamot, orange oil, basil, Tahitian vetiver and patchouli create a familiar scent that has an air of old world mystery to it. This eau de cologne is a unisex fragrance that will have you and your partner smelling like fresh citrus. Its notes read like a history book, reminding the world that fragrance has been important for quite some time, and that the strong will indeed survive.