Bond no 9 Wall Street

Bond no 9 Wall Street: 3.3 oz

Crafted and released in 2004 and named for the famous street of high finance in the sprawling New York City metropolis, Wall Street is yet another unisex fragrance by the famous luxe fragrance designer Bond no 9.

Despite having been released nearly 2 decades ago, this OG variant from Bond no 9 has consistently remained a top seller. The note profile comes together to strike a sweet olfactory chord that smells like money movement sounds - energy, intensity, promise and seriousness.

The note profile makes it happen. At the top, cucumber, seaweed, lemon and bitter orange lead the charge. Lavender, pistachio, musk, vetiver and ambergris are the beating heart of the fragrance. Anchoring the whole thing are notes of caraway, leather and resins. Money moves fast, it is highly sought-after by nearly everyone, and it is activity and change incarnate. This unisex fragrance indeed follows suit.