Armaf Tres Nuit Lyric

Armaf Tres Nuit Lyric: 3.4 oz

While both Très Nuit and Très Nuit Lyric sport the leather strap on the upside-down triangle, the latter immediately distinguishes itself with its eye-catching, exotic red glass bottle and black leather. Once Lyric is sprayed, the disparity only clarifies. Gone are the aromatic fougère spices, gone are the bitter flowers. A rich, watery smoothness opens the top, accompanied by citruses. The center is rosemary and cypress, and the base is patchouli, amber and musk. It's smooth, sweet and restrained at once. It's also an eau de parfum, so it long outlasts its predecessor on the skin. Très Nuit Lyric is yet another masculine fragrance with the versatility to be worn year-round, day or night.